Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Almost ALL the answers to ALL your questions! If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know so we can include the answer for the next person asking your very clever and insightful question! Click on a question below to go directly to the response. Or, just scroll down to see the list of Frequently Asked Questions and their responses. You’ll learn more about the ICLRU and how we can work together for your enjoyment and benefit.
Who is the ICLRU for?
ICLRU is an organization open to seniors, age 55 and over, who have reached a point in life where they want to pursue their interests in a continuing learning and social environment with a group of like-minded peers.
Where and when are study groups held?
The ICLRU is a program offered at Roosevelt University’s Albert Robin campus in Schaumburg, IL. The University provides classroom space for ICLRU study groups.
Study Groups are generally offered Monday thru Thursday. Morning study groups generally run from 9:30 am to 11:30 a.m. and afternoon study groups generally run from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Occasionally there are offerings at other times.
If you can find Woodfield Mall, the IKEA store, or Costco in Schaumburg, you can find Roosevelt, as it is well situated between the three. There is ample free parking. Enter using the main entrance, located by the circular driveway in front, on the north side of the building.
I go away in the winter; will this interfere with my attending a study group?
Not at all. Study groups are offered in four regular sessions during the year. Winter study groups run for 5 weeks from mid-January to early February. Spring study groups run for 9 weeks, from mid-March to mid-May. Summer study groups run for 5 weeks, from late June to early August. Fall study groups run for 9 weeks, from mid-September to mid-November. You only attend the session(s) you want to.
Between sessions, special events might include a lecture series, stand-alone Intersession presentations, music presentations, 1-day seminars, and day trips to such places as the Art Institute in Chicago, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, a Shakespeare play, or other area attractions.
How long is each study group session?
Study groups meet once a week and generally run two hours, with breaks as needed. There are no exams or tests, and no college credit is earned from these classes.
What kinds of study group subjects are offered?
Subject matter varies widely, and there is something of interest for just about everyone. We have had study groups covering: Humor, Science, Literature, Genealogy, Family History, Reading Short Stories, Using the Internet, Religions of the World, American and World History, Art, and Science to name a few. You can see examples of study groups conducted during past years by clicking here.
Who teaches these study groups?
Generally, fellow members of the ICLRU volunteer to coordinate study groups. On occasion, a Roosevelt University faculty member may participate. Those who lead the study groups in the ICLRU program are called coordinators. They are not paid. However, coordinators are entitled to a 50% reduction in the annual membership fee at the time of membership renewal, and they receive priority registration for study groups.
Must I take a turn as coordinator?
No. Coordinators (and co-coordinators) volunteer for the positions, generally on a subject of particular interest to them. We do encourage members to try coordinating a study group as it enhances their membership experience.
What is the annual membership fee?
The fee is $160 for a full 12 months from the time of joining. Additional small charges may apply to certain study groups. Also, additional charges may apply for off campus special events that require bus rental, an admission fee, or other expenses specifically related to that event. Most events on campus are typically free of extra charge. However, for some on campus special events there may be a charge. Participation in any special event is always the member’s choice.
What about lunch if I take a morning and afternoon study group on the same day?
We encourage brown-bag lunches because they provide the opportunity for social interaction, and getting to know your fellow ICLRU members better. However, as an additional choice, there are vending machines available with food choices. Also, the Woodfield area offers many eateries of various types, some within walking distance, if that is your choice.
How large are the study groups?
They vary from about 10-15 members for smaller study groups, to as many as 50 or more for larger study groups. Each coordinator establishes a minimum and maximum number for his/her study group.
What do I get for my money?
Value beyond your wildest dreams! You get your choice of study groups offered by the ICLRU. In addition, you can participate in other areas of interest such as lectures, field trips, concerts and social activities with the many like-minded friends you’ll make. Each year we have an annual Ice Cream Social combined with a members Art Show, and a Holiday Party which is open to all members. ICLRU has a very active Travel Club that is always planning group trips. We have four book clubs also, which cover various themes.
Finally, you can participate in other areas of interest such as lectures, field trips, concerts and social activities with like-minded friends.
Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?
The membership fees, once paid, are not refundable. If you are uncertain, you can be our guest for a day before you join. If you would like to do this, please contact the ICLRU Center at 224-523-6497. You will be given a 1-day pass that will allow you attend up to two study groups (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). It is difficult to imagine you won’t find something to interest you. There are so many things to enjoy in addition to study groups, such as lectures, field trips and concerts. And, you’ll appreciate the camaraderie of our members.
How will I know when these concerts, field trips, etc., take place?
The primary method of communication is our Web site ( and by email. ICLRU also communicates with you by announcements during study groups, through newsletters, and by flyers during the year. We have a bulletin board located right outside the entrance to our office (Room 705), and you can check our online events calendar by clicking here.
I never went to college; will I find the study groups too difficult?
No, not likely, as there is no prerequisite for joining ICLRU. Our members come from literally all walks of life and all educational levels.
How many study groups can I join each session?
The usual advice is to start out by trying a maximum of 3. However, you may sign up for as many as you like. You are the best judge of how much you can do and how much time you want to devote to study groups.
Who runs the ICLRU?
ICLRU is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. While affiliated with Roosevelt University, the ICLRU is run by its members, through an elected Board of Directors and the Chairpersons of its various committees. All persons on the Board and the committees are volunteers. All members are encouraged to participate to keep the organization vibrant.
How does the University benefit?
Roosevelt University is a responsible member of the community in which we live. It draws its student body from a very wide area in all directions from its location in Schaumburg. Providing these facilities and other assistance to the ICLRU is consistent with the University’s program of giving back to the community. Just as individuals do volunteer work as good citizens and human beings, the University itself undertakes initiatives to fulfill its civic responsibilities.
If you have a question that is not answered above, please let us know. We will add it to the list with a response. Please call 224-523-6497, , or write to ICLRU at Roosevelt University, 1400 Roosevelt Blvd., Room 705, Schaumburg IL 60173.

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