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ICLRU Intrepid Travel Club

The ICLRU Intrepid Travel Club primarily meets the 4th Monday of the month (except for holidays and when we are away on trips) 11:45-12:45 – Room 613 at Roosevelt University Campus – Schaumburg, IL.

Presently, we have 140 people on our list who receive notices of the meetings and the “Update” afterwards which summarizes the topics discussed at the meeting.

You do not need to be a member of ICLRU to attend meetings, be on the list, or be on our “group” trips. We welcome friends, interested travelers whom you have met on other trips, family members, etc.

At present we have several trips in process with Grand Circle tours which have additional spaces. Even if a trip is labeled as full, if it is one you’d like to take, call Grand Circle Travel or Overseas Adventure Travel. Sometimes there are cancellations and you may be able to get a space. See below for current trip details.

All our trips are open to non ICL folks, so if you know of someone who might be interested in ANY of our trips, please do not hesitate to put them in touch with the group leader.

Undiscovered Adriatic
Presently no spaces left.  Base trip leaves Sept. 9, 2018.
Undiscovered Adriatic is a small ship cruise – Venice to Malta and exploring the east coast of Italy – a new offering from Grand Circle which has proved to be immensely popular. Base trip $7,795 (17 days leaving Sept 9, 2018) including air from Chicago; 5-day pre trip to Ljubljana & Trieste- $1,495; and a 4-day post trip to Rome- $945. We will be getting an after trip rebate of approximately 9% on the cost of the trip based on the amount spent – excluding insurance. Group leader – LaRaye Rodriguez – – 847-843-8735.
Reservations – call GCT at 800-597-2452.
Group # G8-23993
China & the Yangtze River – base trip September 12, 2018
Only one double cabin left as of Jan. 26, 2018.

We need 2 more people to make our group of 9, 21-day base trip with 4-night pre trip extension to Tokyo; 4 night post trip extension to Bangkok. Base trip $4,695;Tokyo – $1,595; Bangkok – $795. There is still room on this trip.
Group Leader – Andrea Zietlow – – 847-885-6029
Reservations call GCT at 800-597-2452
Group # G8-27595
Impressions of Italy: The Amalfi Coast & Tuscany- Presently no spaces left. Base trip leaves June 2, 2018

See the high points of western Italy on this exciting land tour of the Coast from Sorrento to Pompeii north to Montecassino – Chicanciano, Siena, Montecatini, Pisa and Florence. A pre-trip extension is available to Rome as well a post trip extension to Venice.

16 day base trip with 4-night pre trip extension in Rome and 4-night post in Venice. Base trip with air $4,595; Rome extension – $945; Venice – $1,095
Group leader – MaryRose Nowak – – 847-299-3998
Reservations call GCT at 800-597-2452
Group # G8-27423
Norwegian Splendor – small group land tour with Odyssey Unlimited – 16 day base trip, June 28 to July 12. A 4-day ‘Stockholm – On Your Own’ post trip is optional and extends the trip to July 16.
We currently have 6 members signed up and will receive a refund of $100 each. With 4 more participants the refund will be $200 each. Group size is from 12 to 24.
Base trip including air and all fees and charges: $5,884. Stockholm extension – $795.
Deposit of $375 required and final payment due March 25, 2018. Deposit and insurance is fully refundable.
Itinerary can be found on the Odyssey website under Norwegian Splendor
Group Leader – Arlene Kallwitz – – 847-506-0965.
The Odyssey phone number is 888-370-6765 for reservations and information.
If you are interested in this trip, please say you are part of the Kallwitz group.
The travel club has two new trips for 2019 with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT). A deposit, on either, before January 31, 2018, will lock in 2018 prices. Any increase for 2019 will be capped at $200 for the land portion and $100 for air from Chicago. This advance deposit has served us well in the past. Dates have not yet been announced for either trip. We anticipate the Aegean Islands, Athens and Ephesus small ship trip will be in May 2019 and the Untamed Iceland land trip will be the first week of August, 2019. The benefit of an early deposit is, as a group, we will be the first notified when dates become available as well as having a choice of cabins on the small ship. Currently, the Aegean Island cruise dates for 2018 are almost filled. Untamed Iceland has proven to be extremely popular as well.  A brief description of both trips follows.


The Aegean Island, Athens & Ephesus –  15 days base tour  – Expected prices range from $5,895-$6,695 (double occupancy) with air from Chicago $1600  

Athens,Syros, Mykonos, Delos. Kusadasi, Patmos., Santorini, and Naxos are the ports that will be visited on this small ship. The activity level is moderate.  Complete information can be found at  the prices quoted are for 2018, however.

We currently have 5 people signed up for this cruise and when we reach 11 travelers, we will enjoy a post trip rebate of almost 10%. That, together with OAT good buy program  (pay in full 15 months by check or direct debit before departure) provide significant savings.

Group Leader – Mary Svetlik – –  847-895-2372


Untamed Iceland – 12 days including air – 2018 prices are from $4,495 -(double occupancy) There is an 4 night extension to Greenland : Gateway to the Arctic for an additional $2895

By depositing before January 21, 2018, we, again, are protected against any 2019 increase of more than $200 for land and $100 for air. We already have 15 people signed up for this trip with a maximum of 20. Any additional travelers will be assured of the almost 10% after trip rebate (unless there are many cancellations) There is a possibility of a second  group leaving the next day, who if they sign up under our group number, will be eligible for the almost 10% rebate.

Complete information can be found at

Group Leader:  LaRaye Rodriguez –  – 847-843-8735


Trips are being planned all the time. Ones being researched at present are Australia and New Zealand, and The Galapagos and a Paris to Normandy River Cruise.  Come to our meetings and find folks to travel with.

If you have questions please call or email LaRaye Rodriguez – – 847-843-8735


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Mary Svetlik’s 2017 Trip to South Africa

Mary Svetlik’s 2017 trip to Croatia:

PDF Files (Give them time to load and scroll down.)

Click Here for a PDF of Andrea Zietlow’s recent trip to England-Scotland-Wales.

Click Here for a PDF of Andrea Zietlow’s Voyage to Istria: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

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