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AQ Antiques & Collecting

AR Art and the Arts

BI Biography

CE Current Events

CH Chicago History

CO Computers

EX Exercise

EC Economics

ECO Ecology

FO Food

FM Film

GA Games

HE Health

HI History

HO Hobbies

IS International Studies

LA Language

JU Law and Justice

LI Literature

MI Miscellaneous

MU Music

NA Nature

PH Philosophy

PO Politics

PT Photography

SC Science

SI Self Improvement

SP Sports

SS Social Studies

TR Travel

WG World Geography

WI Women’s Issues

WR Writing

Code Study Group Subjects

Antiques and Collectibles ( 3 Items)

AQ Antiques & Collecting

AQ Better than Antiques Roadshow

AQ Buying and Selling Antiques Online

The Arts (78 Item)

AR Art and the Arts
AR 19th Century American Painting and Sculpture
AR A Feast of Color: A Century of Modern Painting
AR A History of Flemish Painting
AR A Streetcar Named Desire
AR Abstract Expressionism
AR Acting for Fun
AR Acting Workshop
AR Adventures in Art
AR American Broadway Greats
AR American Comedy
AR American Musical Theatre-Then and Now
AR An Adventure in Art
AR An Investigation into the Creative Process of Plays
AR Architecture
AR Art 101: Painting Workshop
AR Art History Perspectives
AR Art of the Western World
AR Art Through the Ages
AR Artists of Melancholy
AR Basic Drawing
AR Bauhaus: Crucible of Modernism
AR Beginning DaVinci Drawing Course
AR Beginning Watercolor
AR Calligraphic Flourishes and Letters
AR Caravaggio
AR Collage
AR Comediennes
AR Contemporary Drama
AR Contemporary English Theater
AR Court and Social Dance
AR Creative Drawing
AR Elementary Drawing
AR Eugene O’Neill
AR Euripides: Six Plays
AR Exploring the Visual Arts
AR Exploring the Visual Arts
AR Exploring Twin Cities Architecture
AR Happy Old Age is a Work of Art
AR History of American Cemetery Art
AR Humanities in Modern Culture
AR Impressionist and Post Impressionist Art
AR Long Legs And Short Skirts – Ballet
AR Looking At Sculpture
AR Modern Art
AR Modern Art
AR Oil Painting
AR Oil Painting
AR Pastel Painting
AR Plays of Anton Chekhov
AR Plays on Chicago Stage
AR Playwriters Group
AR Pottery and Painting
AR Prints And Printmaking
AR Public Art
AR References in 20th Century Art
AR Roman Imperial Art
AR Sacred and Profane: Secular Transformation of Religious
AR Structure of Plays
AR The Architecture and Life of Anton Gaudi
AR The Art and History of Rare Books
AR The Art and History of Rare Books
AR The Art Scene
AR The Group Theatre: America’s Theatrical Experiment of the ’30’s
AR The History of American Cemetery Art
AR Timeless Issues in Drama
AR Water Color for Beginners
AR Watercolor Journaling
AR Western Architecture
AR What Was That Artist Thinking?
AR Women In Comedy
AR James McNeil Whistler
AR Play Reading and Interpretation
AR A Multicultural history of the U.S. Exploring the Visual Arts
AR There’s no business like show business
AR Selected plays of Henrik Ibsen
AR Mainstreams of American art
AR Understanding contemporary art
AR Contemporary drama

Biography (6 Items)

BI Biography
BI Ernest Hemingway
BI George Bernard Shaw
BI Theodore Roosevelt and His Time
BI Who Was the Real Theodore Roosevelt?
BI Retrospective On Fred Astaire

Current Events (18 Items)

CE Current Events
CE Analyzing the News
CE California and … (Education, Politics, Famous Personalities, Petroleum (energy)
CE Current Economic Problems
CE Current Events
CE Current Events Discussion
CE Educational Issues Today
CE Great Decisions 2002 in American Foreign Policy
CE News and Views
CE Opposing Points of view on Current Affairs and Culture
CE Promise of American Life
CE September 11: Causes and Aftermath
CE Shock of the News
CE The Balkans: A Problem Then and Now
CE The Middle East Situation
CE Tough Issues for this Year
CE World Kalidescope
CE Debate the Issues
CE Contempory Events

Chicago Issues (7 Items)

CH Chicago History
CH Architecture of Chicago
CH Behind The Scenes In The Northwest Suburbs (examination of major NW businesses, institutions, etc. )
CH Chicago Architects
CH Chicago Issues
CH Illinois Issues
CH Mystery Fiction of Chicago
CH Plays on Chicago Stage
CO Computers

Computers (39 Item)

CO Mining the Web: Enriching your Life through Internet Resources
CO Advanced Computer Skills
CO Ask the Experts
CO Begining Microsoft Word
CO Computer Course for Beginners
CO Computer Graphics and the Digital Darkroom
CO Computer Round Table Meetings
CO Computer Roundtable
CO Computer-phobe
CO Defend Against Viruses, Hackers and Spam
CO Digital Camera Experience
CO Digital Imaging
CO Digital Photography
CO Digital Photography
CO Doing Research On The Internet
CO How to Use a Modern Electronic Library For the Complete
CO Internet
CO Internet Tips and Tricks
CO Internet Workshop
CO Introduction to Microsoft Office
CO Introduction to the Internet
CO Introduction to the Internet, Word and Excel
CO Introduction to the Personal Computer
CO Online Graphics
CO Powerpoint
CO Powerpoint and Publisher
CO Scanners, Digital Cameras, Computer Graphics
CO Selecting Digital Camera
CO Simple P.C. Maintenance and Upgrade
CO Surfing the Web
CO Technology Torent: History and Impact Of Computers
CO Unlocking the Web
CO Making embossed note cards
CO Word and Excel computer questions and answers
CO Today’s advances in imaging technology
CO Time-saving ways to search the Internet
CO In search of search
CO Finding Grandpa on the Internet
CO Unlocking the Web

Economics (28 Items)

EC Economics
EC The U.S. and Multilateral Institutions: What Lies Ahead?
EC The U.S. and Multilateral Institutions: What Lies Ahead?
EC Are You Prepared? A Fraud Awareness Seminar
EC Art of “Boardsmanship”
EC Basics of Investing
EC Battle for World Economy
EC Communism/Capitalism
EC Economic Ideas, Policies and Performance
EC Economic Theory
EC Economics Study Group
EC Election Year Economics
EC Estate Planning
EC Estates: How to Administer Them and Some Problems to Avoid
EC Financial Planning for Retirees
EC Foreign Aid
EC Future Financial Fitness
EC History of Wall Street
EC ID Theft, Scams
EC Increasing Retirement Income
EC Inspired Philanthropy
EC Introduction to Estate Planning
EC Investment Discussion Group
EC Personal Finance
EC Personal Investment for Retirees
EC Reading The Wall Street Journal
EC Stocks, Bonds and Money Talk
EC The Good and the Bad of Taxes
EC Topical Economics
EC Value Investing

Ecology and Enviroment (10 Items)

ECO Ecology
ECO California Through Biohistory
ECO Environment and Civil Engineering
ECO Future of Food and Water
ECO GAIA Hypothesis: The Earth as a Living Org.
ECO Life & Death Of Planet Earth)
ECO Managing Natural Resources
ECO Pesticides, “Frankenfoods”, or Insects
ECO Water, Water Everywhere…How much water on earth for humans?
ECO What’s for Dinner in the New Millennium: Chemical
ECO When Worlds Collide: The Columbian Exchange

Exercise (9 Items)

EX Exercise
EX Yoga for Seniors
EX Feet Are Made for Walking
EX Hiking
EX Moving With Ease
EX Non-Aerobic Exercise
EX Tai Chi
EX Yoga
EX Yoga for Seniors

Film (27 Items)

FM Appreciating Film
FM 1939-A Very Good Year (for Movies at Least)
FM Film
FM Baseball in Film and Literature
FM Celebration of Life of Great Masters in Film
FM Classic American Films of the 70’s
FM Classic Films
FM Documentary Films
FM Fabulous Films
FM Fast-Talking Dames
FM Femme Fatales in Film
FM Film as Art
FM Film as Art
FM Film As Literature
FM Film Noir
FM Film Noir and Robert Ryan
FM Great Books/Plays on Film
FM Gregory Peck – The Man & Movies
FM Lights, Camera, Action
FM Magical Moments at the Movies
FM Movie Musicals: From The Jazz Singer to Chicago
FM Queens of Screens and Greatest Hits
FM Selected Topics in Film
FM Shakespeare in Film
FM The Lion King
FM The Play on Film
FM Exploring cinemaArt: the invention of the modern NEW Life sciences
FM Film as art
FM Non-theatrical films

Food and Wine (13 Items)

FO Food
FO Cooking with Chef Osono
FO Cultures & Cuisine
FO Enjoying Wine
FO Ethnic Eating Adventures
FO Food & Eating: From Prehistory to Pizza
FO Gourmet Cooking
FO Healthy Eating
FO Human Nutrition
FO Literary Stroll Through the History of Food
FO Spa Cuisine Healthy Dining
FO The Healthy Gourmet Twist: Preparing Healthful Foods
FO Two Hundred Years of Cookbooks
FO Low carb cooking

Games (Various) (10 Items)

GA Games
GA Beginner Chess
GA Beginners Bridge
GA Beginning Golf
GA Bridge
GA Chess
GA Games (Various)
GA Intermediate Bridge
GA Intermediate Bridge
GA Introduction to Contract Bridge
GA Whodunit – A Mystery Solving Game

Health (24 Items)

HE Alzheimer’s Disease
HE Health
HE Advance Medical Directives:
HE American Health Care System
HE China Sampler – Acupuncture
HE Classic Cases in Medical Ethics
HE Controversies in Health Care
HE Coping with Stress as a Means to Healthy Aging
HE Edgar Cayce’s Approach to Stress, Emotions, Health
HE Ethical Considerations in Modern Medicine
HE First Aid
HE Health Care: The American Way
HE Holistic Health. How Can It Help Me?
HE Imagery and Health
HE Long Term Care
HE Losing It! (weight)
HE Medications and You
HE No More Stress
HE Pathways to Health
HE Reforming Am. Health Care
HE Sleeplessness and Our Anxiety
HE T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi-Gong
HE Use Alternative Healing Therapies Safely, Judiciously, and Effectively
HE Wellness
HE Your Healthcare Choices-Advance Care Planning
HE Sleep and other psychological phenomena

History (194 Items)

HI Darwin and 19′ Century Victorian England
HI Finding the Lost Generation
HI A History of Wales
HI A Multicultural History of Chicago
HI About the United Nations
HI Abraham Lincoln
HI Abraham Lincoln: The Ordeal of the Union
HI Age of the Vikings
HI All The Presidents’ Wives
HI America in Depression and War
HI America’s President’s – 1783-1812
HI American Colonial Experience
HI American Economic History
HI American First Ladies
HI American History
HI American History through Documents
HI American history: From the Perspective of People of Color
HI American Immigrants
HI American Indian Legends, Myths and Creation Stories
HI American Indians of the Northeast
HI America’s Ethnic Heritage
HI America’s First Ladies
HI Ancient Egyptian Civilization
HI Ancient Greece
HI Ancient Greece and Italy
HI Anglo-Saxon England
HI Antiques and Collectibles
HI Anti-Semitism and Holocaust
HI April, 1865: The End & Beginning
HI Arab-Israeli Conflict
HI Archaeology
HI Archaeology
HI Archaeology of Mesopotamia
HI Ascent of Man
HI Background to the Holocaust
HI Battles that Changed the World
HI Benjamin Franklin’s World
HI Biography of America: A Video History
HI China Sampler – Dynasties etc
HI China’s Silk Road
HI Civil War
HI Civil War Battlefields
HI Clash of Civilizations
HI Classical Greek + Roman Mythology
HI Colonial Powerhouse
HI Conflicting Interpretations of American History
HI Dag Hammarskjold’s Journal
HI Death of a President-JFK
HI DeToqueville’s America
HI Early 16th Century Rulers
HI Early Kings of England
HI Eire: The Birth of the Irish State 1916-1923
HI Eleanor & Franklin
HI Era of the French Revolution
HI European History
HI Evolution of Human Societies
HI Failure of Reconstruction
HI Famous and Infamous Women of the Early West
HI Famous Archaeological Discoveries
HI Foreign Aid: Boon or Bane?
HI Foreign Policy
HI Genealogy
HI Genealogy and Family History
HI Getting Rich in America: How They Did It in Fact and Fiction
HI Global History: Classical Values + Rise of the West
HI Globalization
HI God or Dice? Theories of History and “Thinking Outside
HI Gold Rush!
HI Great Decisions
HI Great Plains History and Literature
HI Greek History and Culture
HI Gypsies
HI Harry Truman and His Time
HI Herb Gardening
HI Herbs: Medicinal, Culinary and Creative
HI Historic Voyages of Discovery
HI History of African Americans in Nashville
HI History of Chemical Warfare
HI History of Greece
HI History of the American City
HI History of the American Labor Movement
HI History of the Balkans: or Who Hates Whom and Why
HI History of the German/American Rocket Program
HI History of the Middle East
HI How the Irish Saved Civilization
HI How to Host a Mystery Games
HI Ideas that Shaped the West
HI Immigration
HI In History
HI Interesting Kings and Queens of England
HI Irish History
HI Irish Myths and Legends
HI Islamic Revolution: One of the Great Upheavals
HI Japan Encounters the West: The Transformation of a Culture
HI Jewish History
HI King Arthur, Knights & the Age of Chivalry
HI Legends + Controversies —The JFK Assassination
HI Lessons of History
HI Lewis and Clark
HI Lies, Cover-Ups and Follies: America’s Wars of the 20TH Century
HI Literature of the Holocaust
HI Looking Through History through Political Cartoons
HI Lost Civilizations
HI Maiden Voyages
HI Medieval Life
HI Middle East-From Abraham to Arafat
HI Mirror of the 20th Century
HI Modern American History
HI Moments in History
HI Mr. President
HI Mysteries of the Ancients: Art and Religion of the Classical World
HI Myths of Native North Americans
HI Old Time Radio Broadcasts
HI On the Trail of Lewis and Clark
HI Origins and Development of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HI Our American Presidents
HI Our Founding Fathers
HI Over the Irish Sea: the Scottish-Irish Relationship
HI Personalities of the Civil War: Myth & Reality
HI Pirates
HI Plagues – Past, Present & Future
HI Reconciliation with the Dakota Tribe
HI Rembering the French Revolution
HI Rise and Fall of the American Indian
HI Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
HI Rivers of Steel – Impact of Railroads on American History
HI Road to War
HI Robber Barons
HI Russia’s 300 Years of Romanov Czars
HI Sea Voyages Through the Ages
HI Seventeenth Century
HI Sinking the Rising Sun: The Contribution of U.S. Submarines to the Defeat of Japan
HI Six Egyptian Pharaohs and Their Lasting Contributions
HI Sixteenth Century
HI Sixteenth to Ninrteenth Centuries
HI Spies and Lies in the Civil War
HI Stone Carving
HI The 1920’s and the Rize of Nazism
HI The American Civil War
HI The American Presidents
HI The Ancient Celts and Their Legacy
HI The Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
HI The Civil War
HI The Civil War: Battles and Leaders
HI The Cold War
HI The Early Days of TV
HI The Fifties: The People, The Times
HI The Forgotten Men: A Study of the Less, Well-known Vice Presidents r
HI The Gilded Age
HI The Glory that was Rome
HI The Great Crash(es)
HI The History of Canada
HI The Holocaust Through Survivors’ Eye
HI The Maturation of the Chinese Empire
HI The Mossad: Israel’s CIA
HI The Postage Stamp
HI The Race To the Poles
HI The Spanish Roots of Santa Barbara
HI The Stories Behind the Scenes
HI The U.S. and Latin American Politics through Films:(1950’s to 2000)
HI The Whiskey Rebellion
HI The Young Liberators
HI They Changed the World
HI Today’s Headlines
HI Today’s Headlines
HI Travels of Marco Polo
HI Trials of the Century
HI Turning Points in the American Experience
HI Turning Points: In the History of Democratic Thought and Practice
HI Two Icons
HI Victorian Age
HI Violence in World War II: Some Literary Perspectives
HI Virtual Archaeology
HI Watergate: A Thirty Year Retrospective
HI Weather, Wind, Surf and Tide – Planning for the role of these critical factors in the Normandy Invasion
HI Whatver Happened To …?(an examination of important persons and things of the past)
HI When The West Was Young
HI Women’s Impact On History
HI World War I
HI World War II
HI World War II in the Pacific: Personal Experiences
HI World’s Greatest Fables
HI Worlds Explorers
HI The Holocaust: The destruction of the European Jews during WWII
HI American history – Grand Expectations
HI Chicago in the 20″‘ Century
HI Memoirs
HI Doing History
HI Our Presidents: Their Homes and their Lives
HI European History
HI The Rise and fall of the great powers
HI Out of Line, Cartoonists etch historical legacy
HI Great figures of the Civil War
HI Creation of the modern Middle East
HI British prime ministers – their lives and times

IS International Studies (26 Items)

IS Irish Gaelic
IS “Putin’s Russia: Oligarchic or Democratic?”
IS Basic Spanish
IS Beginning French
IS Conversational French
IS Conversational Irish Gaelic
IS France/French Way of Life
IS French Conversations for Francophiles and Travelers
IS German for Beginners
IS Great Decisions 2004 Foreign Policy Decisions
IS International Political Economy, Focus: China in Transition
IS International Relations
IS Irish Language
IS Russian Law
IS Spanish
IS Spanish I
IS Spanish II
IS The Asian American Experience
IS U.S. Foreign Policy
IS World Press Institute
IS Beginning Italian Advanced Italian
IS Great Decisions: U.S. Foreign Policy
IS International Relations
IS International relations
IS A potpourri of cultures
IS The Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Law and Justice (18 Items)

JU Congress: Just How Does It Work ?
JU Significant Decisions in Law
JU Church State and the First Amendment
JU Crime: Causes, Effects and Proposed Solutions
JU Federal Constitution
JU Great American Trials
JU Laws Affecting Seniors
JU Lecture: The Second Amendment
JU Legal Problems and Solutions
JU Legal Systems and Issues
JU Overview of Constitutional Law
JU Revising the Constitution
JU State of the Union: Are There Alternatives to Constitutional Dilemmas?
JU Supreme Court Decisions
JU The Bill of Rights in the Twenty-first Century
JU The Death Penalty
JU The Patriot Act: Challenge to Citizens Rights
JU Supreme Court Decides: Cases
JU Human rights and international law

Literature (160 Items)

LI The story of the English language
LI 100 + Years of Detective Fiction
LI 100 Best Books
LI 19th and 20th Century Novel
LI 19th Century American Novels
LI 19th Century French Classic Novels
LI 20th Century Novels
LI 2174 Essays
LI A Baker’s Dozen of Great American Authors
LI A Necessary Evil
LI Adventures of Mark Twain
LI American and Irish Authors
LI American Dwellings
LI American Short Stories
LI An Allegorical Reading of Albert Camus’ novel, The Plague s
LI An Overview of the Criminal Justice System Locally
LI Ancient Greek Literature
LI Anna Karenina
LI Archaeology & Agatha Christie
LI Around the World With Children’s Books
LI At Home with Mark Twain
LI Authors in Depth: Charles Dickens
LI Authors in Depth: Jane Austen
LI Bleak House
LI Brave New World
LI Bring Your Library Home
LI Classic Hits of 20th Century American Literature
LI Conan Doyle
LI Contemporary American Poetry
LI Contemporary American Short Stories
LI Contemporary Authors
LI Contemporary Jewish Fiction
LI Continuing with Proust
LI Creating Poetry
LI Creative Reading
LI Current Best Sellers
LI Dante’s Inferno
LI Detective Fiction
LI Discovering Proust
LI Dostoyevsky’s Novels
LI Edgar Allan Poe
LI Epic of Gilgamesh
LI Essays
LI European Short Stories
LI Fate in Fiction
LI Favorite Poems
LI Favorite Short Stories
LI Favorite Writers – Lesser Known Works
LI Fiction With a Message
LI Four Masters of the Short Stories
LI Four Masters of the Short Stories
LI Frankenstein
LI Graham Greene
LI Great Books
LI Great Books Directed Learning Group
LI Great Books Discussion Group
LI Great Humor Writers
LI Great Novels and Writers Revisited
LI Great Novels and Writers Revisited
LI Great Novels and Writers Revisited
LI Greatest English Language Novels of the 20th Century
LI Greek Tragedy
LI Hamlet on Page and Screen
LI Henry James: A Critical Reading
LI History & Tradition of Poetry
LI History Mirrored Through Poetry
LI History of American Short Stories
LI History of the Mystery
LI I Love to Read
LI Introduction to Poetry
LI Jack London
LI James Joyce
LI James Joyce’s Ulysses
LI Jane Austen Novels
LI Jane Austens Persuasion
LI Ladies of Mysteries: Women Detective Story Authors
LI Let’s Read and Talk
LI Life Works of DuBose Heyward
LI Life’s Lessons from Literature
LI Literature and Music
LI Lord Jim
LI Modern American Poetry
LI Modern American Poetry – 1950 to Present Writing Your Story
LI Modern Japanese and Indian Fiction
LI Modern Plays
LI Murder in a Cold Climate
LI New Yorker
LI Non Fiction Books
LI Novels of Jane Austin
LI O’Henry Stories with Surprise Endings
LI One Act Plays
LI Opening Library Doors
LI Othello
LI Paradise Lost
LI Play Reading and Interpretation
LI Plays of Shakespeare
LI Plutarch’s Lives: Lives of Noble Greeks and Romans
LI Poetry
LI Poetry for Pleasure
LI Poetry for Pleasure
LI Poetry In Song
LI Poetry Workshop
LI Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
LI Queens of British Crime
LI Read, Write and Deliver Poetry
LI Reading Plays Aloud
LI Reading the Victorian Novel
LI Robert Frost
LI Role of Violence in Southern Fiction
LI Science Fiction: An Extraordinary
LI Scott, Zelda and all that Jazz
LI Sex and Death in Poetry
LI Shakespeare
LI Shakespeare : The Winter’s Tale
LI Shakespeare Aloud
LI Shakespeare from Script to Stage
LI Shakespeare, His Times + Craft
LI Shakespeare: From Page to Stage
LI Sherlock Holmes, the First Consulting Detective
LI Short Stories
LI Short Stories: Fictional Conglomerations of the Truth
LI Short Stories: The Sadness and the Grace
LI Study of a Novel
LI The Art of Reading Aloud
LI The Best Short Stories
LI The Book Club
LI The Brothers Karamazov
LI The French Lieutenant’s Woman
LI The Future of Books, Reading, and Libraries in an Age of Hyperlinks
LI The Historical Novel
LI The Joy of Poetry
LI The Many Facets of Mark Twain
LI The New Yorker
LI The Poetic Focus
LI The Story of the English Language
LI The Wonderful World of Mystery: An Armchair Detectives View
LI Two Women In The Wild
LI War and Peace
LI Western Short Stories
LI Who wrote the Who Done It – Mystery Stories and Writers
LI Writers from the Other Europe
LI D.H. Lawrence: poet, novelist and prophet
LI Irish literature
LI Cracking the DaVinci Code
LI Tradigies In The Mist
LI Poetry Scrapbook
LI Readers theater: Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Timons of Athens: A Class In Oral Interpritations
LI Pride and Prejudice
LI A Strangerr In The Kingdom: The Book and Film
LI Two great American novels: `Beloved’ and `Their Eyes were watching God’
LI Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
LI Literary masters
LI Kate Chopin: “At Fault and Otrher Stories from Bayou Folk
LI Women in literature
LI Four Masters Of Short Stories
LI 19’b and 20” Century Novel Contemporary Jewish fiction
LI Essays: the art and power of non-fiction prose
LI Great books
LI The Tempest by William Shakespeare
LI Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida
LI Joseph Conrad: the Power of the Written Word

Miscellaneous (22 Items)

MI Collecting
MI Fakirs, Fakers, and Facts
MI Hand Quilting
MI Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery
MI Interior Design
MI Intro to Feng Shui
MI Magic
MI Magic as Performing Art
MI Math Anxiety
MI Metaphysics and Parapsycology
MI Myth, Ritual and Symbol
MI New Yorker
MI One Year with Saramago
MI Origami
MI Paranormal
MI Placing Pictures
MI Reading the New Yorker
MI Richter – 1915-1997
MI Rubber Stamping
MI Smooth Takeoffs/Rough Landings
MI Symbols, Signs & Spirits
MI The Enneagram
MI The Living Image
MI Reading the New Yorker

Music (76 Items)

MU Survey of Twentieth Century Music
MU A Passion for Bach
MU A Potpourri of Opera
MU American Popular Songs
MU American Vocalists
MU Bach By Popular Demand
MU Bach, Beethoven and Brahms
MU Beethoven
MU Big Band Era
MU Broadway Musicals
MU Chamber Music
MU Classical Music
MU Classical Music for Day and Night
MU Classical Musicians of the 20th Century
MU Composer’s Intentions
MU Country Music
MU Cradle of Jazz
MU Crisis In 20th Century Music
MU Dance Music and Dance
MU Development of Jazz in America
MU Early Musical Comedy
MU Facets of Opera Performance
MU Folk Music
MU Folk Music in America
MU Gilbert and Sullivan
MU Golden Days of Operetta
MU Great Composers and Their Works
MU Great Music
MU Great Pipe Organs of the Metro Area
MU History Of Christian Music
MU How to Listen To & Understand Opera
MU How to Listen to Great Music
MU Jazz in Europe
MU Jazz Music
MU Jazz Rock and Country Music
MU Jazz: How a simple four letter word means so much
MU Jazz: The Sound of Surprise
MU Jewish Music
MU Lives of The Legends Of Music: From Classic to Romantic
MU Mostly Mercer Songbook
MU Mozart: His Life His Music
MU Music and Mathematics
MU Music Appreciation
MU Music of 20′ Century Broadway Musicals
MU Musical Comedy
MU Now They Call it Swing: An Irreverent Survey
MU Opera
MU Opera Appreciation
MU Opera/operettas
MU Puccini’s Turandot
MU Reflections on African Music: A Historical Perspective
MU Rodgers and Hart
MU Sampling a Concert Series: An Inside View of Music
MU Schubert: His Life and Music
MU Singing for Fun
MU Songs and Stories – American Folk Music
MU Stars of the Met
MU Step Into the Symphony
MU Stephen Sondheim
MU Story of the Symphony
MU The American Band
MU The Kingdom of Swing
MU Three Symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven
MU Understanding and Enjoying Opera
MU Understanding Music
MU Video Opera
MU Welcome to the World of Opera
MU With Laughing Song and Merry Dance: An Introduction to Gilbert and Sullivan and Their Work
MU Women Sing the Blues
MU The jazz vocalists
MU In and Out of the cool: the music of Gil Evans
MU Little Known Masters of Modern Jazz
MU Outstanding classical musicians of the 20t` Century
MU American musical theatre Ethics in America
MU Prokofiev and Shostakovich
MU Opera: Puccini’s passion and power
MU The most popular operas

Nature (17 Items)

NA Back from the Brink: Local Successes with Endangered Species
NA Bird Behavior
NA Bird Watching
NA China Sampler – Orient Garden
NA Creating an Easy Pleasure Garden For Later Years
NA Famous Gardens of the World
NA Flower Arranging
NA Gardening in the Lowcountry
NA Gardens – East and West
NA Intro to Bonsai
NA Lazy Gardener
NA Learning on the Fly: Birding for Beginners
NA Our Great Outdoors
NA Sea Turtles and Terrapins
NA Spring Flower Arranging
NA Spring Wildflowers and Trees
NA Down On The Farm
NA Birds and mammals of Southern America

Philosophy (33 Items)

PH American Morality-Reality or Myth?
PH Aristotle: Politics and Ethics
PH Ethical Dilemmas of Our Time
PH Ethical Will
PH Existentialism
PH Fascism: History or Prophesy?
PH Foreign Policy and the 2004 Presidential Campaign
PH Four Giants of the Twentieth Century
PH Four Theories of Beauty
PH Global Political Science
PH Great American Philosophers
PH Great Decisions
PH Great Ideas
PH Great Thinkers of the Western World
PH History of Ancient Philosophy
PH Kieslowski’s Decalogue
PH Machiavelli
PH Machiavelli’s The Prince
PH Medical Ethics
PH Meditation
PH Modern Philosophy
PH Modern Religious Thought
PH Non-Western Belief Systems
PH Philosophical Look at 2 Christmases’
PH Philosophy as a Way of Life
PH Philosophy: Social Ethics
PH Plato
PH Pursuit of Happiness
PH Religions of the World
PH Retreat: Ethical Dilemmas of Everyday Life
PH Socrates
PH Spinoza
PH The Bible
PH The Wisdom of Socrates
PH Why Be Ethical?
PH Why Do We Believe Weird Things?
PH Wisdom Concepts
PH World Religions
PH Enlightenment 101
PH Philosophy
PH Philosophy: Social Ethics Poetry for pleasure
PH Why do Humans Go To War?
PH Ethics in America
PH Great thinkers of the Western World

Politics (33 Items)

PO Historic Presidential Campaigns
PO A Look at Town Government
PO American Political Thought
PO American Presidency
PO American Resolution
PO Issues in American Foreign Policy
PO Landmark Decisions of the Supreme Court
PO Libertarianism
PO McCarthyism
PO Modern Political Thought
PO Nation Building
PO National Security
PO New British Revolution
PO Partners or Rivals? 150 Years of U.S. – Japan Relations
PO Point of View
PO Political Dissent-The American Experience
PO Politics Between Wars
PO Power and Consent
PO Public Policy Issues
PO Race Relations: Moving Forward or Losing Ground?
PO Selling War
PO Some Great Decisions by World Leaders
PO Spies, Lies, And Double Lives
PO Terrorism
PO The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
PO They Also Ran ( biogs of losing presidential candidates)
PO Three Great Democrat Presidents
PO What Has Been Done in the Name of 9/11
PO Whose America?
PO Democracy in America today
PO Election 2004
PO Ethical, social and political issues in contemporary science

Photography (7 Items)

PT Art of Seeing in Photography
PT Basic Camera Handling
PT Joy of 35mm Photography
PT Photography
PT Photography: Putting it all Together
PT Story Telling with Photography
PT Through the Lens

Religion (47 Items)

RE Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
RE Apocalyptics, Evangelicals and Millenialists
RE Astronomy
RE Biblical Ethics
RE Books of Ruth & Esther
RE Brief History of Roman Catholicism
RE Buddhism
RE Christianity meets Classical Culture; from Justin to Augustine
RE Comparative Religions
RE Contemporary Ethical Problems
RE Contemporary Issues: Ethics
RE Dead Sea Scrolls
RE Early History of Western Monotheism
RE Faith and Economics: Religious Perspectives (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Unitarian Universalist) on Issues RE Highlights of the Old Testament
RE How Many Gods Became One
RE Idols to Monotheism, Revenge to Forgiveness
RE Inter-Faith Sharing
RE Introduction to Islamic Thought
RE Islam and Buddhism
RE Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism
RE Islam, Then and Now
RE Israel’s Prophecy
RE Major Religious Figures In the Christian Tradition
RE Norse Gods and Sagas
RE Philosophy of Religion
RE Readings in Islamic Literatures: Classic and Modern
RE Religion in America
RE Religion in Collision
RE Religion in Japanese History
RE The Bible
RE The Bible as Literature
RE The Conversion of Europe: 100 CE-1000 CE
RE The Crucifix And The Cruciflick
RE The Early Prophets
RE The Four Faces Of Jesus
RE The Gospel of John
RE The Great Journey: Abraham to Joseph, Ur to Egypt,
RE The Protestant and Catholic Reformation of the 16th Century
RE The Search for God
RE When Religions Meet-Conflict or Concord?
RE World Religions
RE World Religions
RE Holy War – crusades and their impact on today’s World
RE Introduction to Islam
RE The search for God in the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic traditions
RE World religions
RE Where angels fear to tread

Science (69 Items)

SC “What If” Scenarios
SC Aerobic Exercise
SC Aging: Memory and the Brain
SC Alternative Medicine/Therapy
SC An Introduction to Observational Astronomy James Joyce’s Ulysses
SC Aspects of Personality
SC Assert Yourself
SC Astrology
SC Astronomy
SC Bioethics: Choices in Life and Death
SC Bioethics: Current Challenges
SC Current Events In Science
SC Darwin on Trial
SC Developing One’s Spiritual Life
SC Discovery of Self
SC Discovery of the Physical Universe
SC Dreams and Everyday Life
SC Effective Listening
SC Electronics for the Laymen
SC Evolution of the Universe
SC Forces that Shape the Universe
SC Forensic Evidence
SC Gender Sensitivity
SC Getting More Out of Common Technology
SC Imaging in Meteorology, Astronomy, Medicine + Entertainment
SC Introductory Astronomy
SC Let’s talk Science: Ask Questions You’ve Hesitated to Ask
SC Machines that Changed the World
SC Medical Detectives
SC Medical Giants of the 19th and 20th Centuries
SC Modern Scientific & Technical Discoveries
SC Nobel Conference: The Story of Life: Bolton and Menk
SC Physics for Those Who Think They Don’t Like Physics
SC Practical Chemistry
SC Psychic Phenomena: A Scientific Perspective
SC Reading The Science Times
SC Science and Medicine
SC Science and Religion
SC Science for the Unscientific
SC Science Times
SC Science Today
SC Scientific American
SC Some Understanding of Our Weather
SC Stars Of The North
SC The Genetic Age
SC The Genome
SC The Lesser Known Works of Sigmund Freud
SC The Life of a Star: The evolution of stars
SC The Role of Plate Tchtonics in America’s Landscape
SC The Transit of Venus
SC The Universe and All That
SC The Use of Fungi and Plants as Sources of Medicine
SC Thinking About the Brain
SC Understanding the Universe.
SC Universe and Humanity: Origin and Destiny
SC Venus In Transit
SC Wacky World of Weather
SC What is Quantum Mechanics?
SC What’s Happening in the Sciences
SC What’s New and Meaningful in the Sciences
SC Making Statistics Make Sense
SC Evolution and Human Behavior
SC Genetics and the Secret Of Life
SC The invention of the modern NEW Life sciences
SC Science today
SC Scientific basis of complementary medicine
SC Sex and the evolution of human nature Human evolution
SC Forensics
SC Planet Earth: genesis and geology
SC Sounds good to me: exploring sound

Self Improvement (34 Items)

SI AARP Driver Safety Program
SI Aging Gracefully
SI Are You Prepared to Die?
SI Changing Senior Lifestyles
SI Creative Aging
SI Doing the Right Thing Right
SI Getting There: Public Transportation
SI How, Then, Shall We Live? (Who am I, What do 1 love? How shall I live knowing I will die?)
SI Imagination Stretching
SI Journal Making and the Right Brain Experience
SI Living with Loss
SI Love and Anger
SI Medicare
SI Memory Improvement Techniques
SI Mistakes People Make In Retirement
SI Mothers and Daughters
SI Nurturing Our Creative Nature
SI Nutrition
SI Peer Perspectives
SI Personal Growth
SI Positive Aging
SI Positive Psycology
SI Psychology of Non-Western Belief Systems
SI Quality of Your Life
SI Research Information: Using the Library
SI Security Awareness and Crime Prevention
SI Self-Awareness
SI Sociological Imagination
SI The Enneagram of Personality
SI The New Humanist
SI The Prosperous Retiremen
SI The Red Cross Volunteering
SI The Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer
SI The Society for Beautiful Aging
SI The Way Life Works
SI ThinkAbilities
SI Thinking Like a Mountain
SI Transitions = Life Changes
SI Understanding Intelligence
SI Who Am I?
SI Worry-free Retirement
SI Your Life is Your Message
SI Beyond the Looking glass – seeing the real you!
SI Taking the Initiative to Care for Yourself
SI Investment Opportunities Seminar

Sports (5 Items)

SP Around the Neighborhood
SP Baseball in American Culture
SP Chicago, City of Champions (Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls, etc.)
SP Sports in America from the Perspective of Race, Ethnicity and Gender
SP The Boys from Brooklyn
SP Sports Poems

Social Studies (6 Items)

SS Social Studies
SS Armchair Travel
SS Black and White: The Racial Divide
SS Current Social Issues: Multiple Perspectives
SS Family Dynamics
SS Social Class
SS Social Policy in Depth

Travel (14 Items)

TR Africa
TR Australia
TR Foreign Languages for Travelers
TR Germany & Modern World
TR Hawaii: Paradise Plus
TR Puerto Rico Through History, Music and Dance
TR Surviving in France
TR The Armchair Traveler
TR The Channel Tunnel
TR The Italians
TR Travel Adventures to Familiar and Unfamiliar Places
TR Travel Experience: A Shared Experience
TR Travel the World
TR Trip to Lesser Known Scotland
TR Survival Spanish – traveler’s help

World Geography (32 Items)

WG Canada
WG Central and Eastern Europe: The Stories & Experiences of an Enthusiastic Traveler
WG China
WG China Now
WG China Sampler- Overview China
WG Contempory Israel and Its Neighbors
WG Experience India
WG Floating the Minnesota River Development and Democracy in Nepal Hardanger
WG Geography
WG Geography, Without It You’re Nowhere
WG Global Geography
WG Great Cities
WG Great Rivers of the World
WG Indian Sampler: India Since Independence
WG Iran, Past and Present
WG Japan
WG Mexico
WG Modern Ireland – Study/ Travel
WG Mysterious Places in the World
WG Overview of Latin American Cultures
WG People and Culture of Contemporary China
WG Postcards from Around the World
WG Russia
WG Saudi Arabia
WG Sierra to the Sea: The California Story
WG The Connecticut And Other Rivers
WG The Emerald Isle
WG The Mississippi River
WG Vietnam Perceptions and Misperceptions
WG Vietnam Today
WG West/Central Africa
WG Romania: the past visited by the present
WG Egypt, Land Of Imagination

Women’s Issues (8 Items)

WR Contemporary Culture for Contemporary Women
WI Contemporary Culture for Contemporary Women
WI Advanced Investing for Women
WI Profiles of Female Genius: 13 Creative Women
WI Psychology of Gender
WI Women and Money
WI Women in Literature
WI Women of Achievement

Writing (37 Items)

WR Art and Craft of Creative Writing
WR Beginning Creative Writing
WR Beginning Memoirs
WR Creating + Printing Small Editions of Simple Books
WR Creative Writing
WR Creative Writing
WR Creative Writing / Memory as a Story
WR Express Yourself In Writing
WR Fiction Writing
WR How to Finish and Sell Your Novel
WR How to Tell Your Story
WR Introduction to Playwriting
WR Journal Writing
WR Learn to Tell Your Story
WR Life Story Writing
WR Memoir Writing: Telling Our Stories – Part II
WR Poetry Workshop
WR Self Publish Your Favorite Stories
WR Stories For Your Grandchildren
WR Storytelling: The Art of Communication
WR When Words Lose Their Power
WR Write for Fun and Profit
WR Write Now! Writers’ Workshop
WR Writer’s Workshop
WR Writing a Novel
WR Writing an Autobiography
WR Writing for Fun
WR Writing for Pleasure and Discovery
WR Writing for Your Children’s Children
WR Writing for your Family
WR Writing Memoirs
WR Writing Poetry
WR Writing Your Life Story
WR Writing Your Story
WR Writing for Pleasure and Discovery
WR Writing workshop
WR Writing for pleasure and discovery
WR Writing for your family

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